Review: The Flash S2E14

Review: The Flash - "Escape from Earth-2"

By: Matt Spaulding

This episode picks up where last week's left off. Barry, Cisco and Harry are still on Earth 2, with Barry having been captured by Zoom and placed in a cell next to Harry's daughter Jessie and a mysterious man in an iron mask (who may hold the key to Zoom's true identity, but that's for you to ponder when you see the episode for yourself!)

Zoom, knowing Harry is back on Earth 2, is racing around the city demanding of everyone that Harry be found and brought before him. The Earth 2 part of the story focuses on both Zoom's effort to find Harry so that he can use him to steal Barry's speed, and the quest of Harry, Cisco, Earth 2 Barry, Earth 2 Iris and, in a surprise alliance, Killer Frost, to find Zoom's lair so they can rescue Barry and Jessie.

Meanwhile, back on Earth 1, Central City is still dealing with the threat of the Geomancer, who cannot be stopped by the police and who has realized that the regular Flash is not there to take him down, only the Flash who can't keep his speed for very long (Jay.) While this is going on, all of Central City is wondering where The Flash is, and Iris decides to interview Jay to try to instill some faith in the Flash they have, not the Flash they are accustomed to. At the same time, Jay and Caitlin are dealing with the fact that they need to fix the portal to Earth 2 and keep it open long enough for their friends to come back, as well as trying concoct a serum that will give Jay back his speed and save his life. I wish I had actually enjoyed this part, but I didn't. Geomancer was a pretty lame villain, and I can't seem to bring myself to care about Jay. But I have a thought on this. That I don't want to share because I don't want to give any possible spoilers. Let's just say that, if I'm right, it's okay that I don't like Jay.

In the end, of course, Barry and company escape Zoom and make it back to Earth 1, but what happens at the last minute is pretty surprising!

What I Liked: Everything involving Zoom is just fantastic, so it was great to see so much of him. I also really enjoyed seeing several of the actors continue to pull of different versions of the same character. Finally, I think the major (possible) clue as to who Zoom really is was great.

What I Didn't Like: Everything on Earth 1. It was just weak. I'd be more specific, but I don't see a reason to. It was just not good, in my opinion.