Review: Arrow S4E14

Review: Arrow - "Code of Silence"

By: Dave Clark

Well, what can be said about tonight's episode of Arrow? Not much progressed in the way of storylines. I'll sum it all up for you and it'll sound like I'm missing things, but I'm not. Not much happened. Here we go!

The Mayoral debates are about to happen between Oliver and Ruvé, who is also Damien Darhk's wife. A branch of H.I.V.E. calling themselves the Demolition Team begins destroying building around the city, setting up Detective Lance in one of them, but he's saved by Laurel. They plan to strike the debate and kill Oliver, but Team Arrow is able to stop them.

A lot of attention was given to Oliver's big secret as Thea was able to figure out about his son, William. We found out last week that Malcolm Merlyn told Darhk about William and by the end of the episode we see that Darhk has taken William. 

That's it. We saw in the flashback sequences that Oliver finally killed Conklin and that was about it. The shining star of the episode, however, was Curtis Holt. The invisible man of this season. He's not given much time in episodes thus far but tonight he gives Felicity an engagement gift that he created. It's a biochip that can potentially heal her paralysis.

Very disappointing episode coming off a great episode last week. We're promised more Darhk next week along with the first live action appearance of Vixen, so I'm hoping we get a much better episode!

What I Liked:

  • The action. This episode was directed by James Bamford who does all the fight coordinating so we knew going into the episode that it would be filled with great action sequences...and it didn't disappoint. When there was action to be had, it looked great.
  • Curtis Holt. I want more of him in the show.
  • Thea. She was the voice of reason and logic throughout tonight's episode. She made the most sense when everyone else was just sort of floundering.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Everything else. The story was slow moving, not progressing along ANY of the season long arcs. This was the definition of a filler episode.