Review: The Flash S2E12

Review: The Flash - "Fast Lane"

By: Dave Clark

Our favorite Scarlet Speedster is back at it again! He faces off with one of the stranger villains, Tar Pit. Barry is still dealing with Patty leaving Central City by distracting himself with helping Harry research how to close the breaches around town. This gets in the way of Harry trying to steal Barry's speed for Zoom in order to save his daughter. He creates a device that he puts into Barry's suit and when Barry goes out in costume he's able to obtain some of his speed. He gives a dose to Zoom who wants more, threatening to torture his daughter. Barry and Harry are able to test their tech and they close one of the breaches. The team begins to notice that Barry is slowing down which causes Harry to feel guilty and admits what he's done to Barry's suit. Joe and Barry lock him in a cell, but Barry comes to the realization (after a fantastic hero speech) that they need to help Harry save his daughter, prompting them to go to Earth 2.

Elsewhere the Wests are getting to know each other better. Wally is bonding with his dad, who's overlooking the fact that his hobby of street racing is both illegal and dangerous. Iris tags along to one of his races and takes photos of the guys racing and begins to research accidents involving street racers in order to talk her father into stopping the races. Iris takes her exposé to the man running the street races, Clark Brownwen and threatens to publish the story. Clark happens to also be connected to Tar Pit's revenge tour, tying the two plots together. Tar Pit attacks Clark at Wally's next race but the Flash is able to save Wally and Clark, however Iris gets hit with a shard of glass. She ends up being ok, but this finally wakes both Joe and Wally up and they have the talk a father should have with his reckless son.

What I Liked:

  • The duality and mentioning of Wally's need for speed. He loves racing and he likes to be on the move. We all know he'll become The Flash someday, and this is all part of his origin story.
  • Cisco's joy over naming Metas. It never gets old.
  • Everything about Zoom. I love the effects, the suit, Tony Todd's voice work. It's all perfect. Great villain for Barry and for Team Flash. 
  • Harry and Barry bonding. They really do make a great team and it's nice that Barry gets to have a mentor again.
  • Barry telling the team they were wrong for judging Harry so harshly. He finally said what I was thinking in that none of them would've reacted any differently had Zoom taken someone they loved. 

What I Didn't Like:

  • Joe not stopping the street racing because he was afraid of pushing Wally away. I understand you want to connect but you're also a cop. Man up! Save your boy!
  • The amount of times Barry says "yo".
  • Iris going to see the head street racing henchman and threatening to expose him...alone.
  • Joe just immediately giving up on Harry when he confesses. No chance to explain what was happening. I doubt Joe would have done ANYTHING differently if Zoom had taken Iris. Look at how he handled Wally's street racing. He did nothing in fear of losing his son again. Then he judges Harry for wanting to save his daughter.