Review: Black Sails S3E5

Review: Black Sails - "XXIII"

By: Jenny Robinson

Saturday’s episode undoubtedly had everyone moving their pieces into attack mode.

Let’s start with Teach (Black Beard) and Vane. They made it out of Nassau with a fleet of ships. They commandeered another Spanish ship and in doing so, a lot of Spanish Intelligence. It has not panned out the importance of the information but assures to be interesting. Fingers crossed it sways Teach into returning to his hated Nassau with Vane.

I like how this show started with Vane just being a brute, and recently we’ve been diving into more layers of his part. This episode had an emotional scene with a dying Spaniard and Vane on the overthrown ship. It was well written, acted and produced. I like the twist and direction the writers are going with him.

Season 2 & 3 has surely been great for establishing a more thought provoking cast.

Eleanor on the other hand is just a conniving *insert profanity here.* The former governess has sweet talked her way into the companionship of the new leader (governor) of Nassau. She still seems to put vengeance in front of rationale thought, or at least that is my take on it. The interaction between Eleanor and Max seemed so vindictive. One moment Eleanor comes off as trying to help by speaking reason to Max, and the next moment trying to tear her down. Max’s plan of buying herself into a seat of power seemed to be a great one until it all unraveled. Max’s pearls are not worth as much as she anticipated and there are spies in her organization.

Leaving the best for last… Flint. In the first few episodes of this season, it appears Flint had peaked at absolute insanity. His character’s journey seems to be slowly coming back to the land of “not so crazy?”.

I have always been impressed with the writing of his character because Flint has the tongue of a serpent. There is never need for him to retaliate when all he has to do is talk. His followers and doubters alike seem to rally to his call when absolutely necessary. It will be interesting to see how things work out now that the island natives have not only freed him and his crew, but willing to wage war on Nassau along side him.

It seems I end all my re-caps on this show as “I can’t wait to see what happens next!!!” That is so true yet again.