Review: TWD S6E10

Review: The Walking Dead - "The Next World"

By: Jenny Robinson

This season of the Walking Dead is by far the most exciting and well developed, in my honest opinion. I know it would be hard coming off an episode like the mid-season premier (episode 9) but they did not disappoint.

Two months have past in the last week per show perspective. We start with Rick and Daryl going on a supply run which is where the comedy of the episode starts. Yes, I said it… this episode had some serious smile moments. Doc Denise needs Orange Crush Soda, Eugene needs seeds, and Michonne needs toothpaste. The dynamic duo hit the road in search of the necessities. 

There really needs to be more episodes with Rick and Daryl together. They always prove to be some of the best. 

I have been waiting for this episode for what feels like forever. We FINALLY get to meet my all time favorite comic character…Jesus has arrived!!!

I should probably apologize up front that I may fixate on this guy. SERIOUSLY - MY FAVORITE!

Anyhoot. The comic character that I love so much, Mr. Paul Monroe AKA Jesus comes into the show in classic style. The trickster runs off with Rick & Daryl’s loot which leads into the most fun I have had with this dark show. The chase scene in the field is almost an ode to Benny Hill. First with Jesus flying off the roof, then Daryl’s chase. I was doubled over laughing with such a great introduction to a new character. 

Meanwhile Michonne and Spencer are on a journey in the woods that is running parallel it seams to Carl’s. I wasn’t sure where they were going with this storyline. We have only seen glimpses of Spenser’s character and to be honest, I don’t know if I put him in the “thumbs up” category. 
This ended up being such a great direction since he was on a mission to find his mother. I had forgotten that she was left behind. I had assumed she put a final end to herself but I was wrong.
I love the emotional development of Spenser in this episode when he finally can put Deanna to rest. I also believe it is owed a bit to Carl’s maturity in the situation and Michonne’s support. It was a great way to drive home the idea of family. 

Lastly, for the first time in what feels like centuries (well at least since the prison), our crew has a moment to sit and breathe. And that is where it got VERY interesting…

MICHONNE & RICK?!?!? Rock on with your sexy bad selves! 

I think this hook up was a shock for most fans of the show and I have now heard yay and nay concerning their “hook up”. I personally like this. It works. 

Well, that is until Jesus shows up.… Have I said “I LOVE THIS GUY” yet? 

I have an idea (as a comic reader) where next episode may take us. Hopefully this cheesy smile I can’t wipe off my face remains!