Review: SPN S11E12

Review: Supernatural - "Don't You Forget About Me"

By: Matt Spaulding

This week's episode was another "monster of the week" and saw the return of Jodi, Alex and Claire, who are all living a "normal" life together. However, Claire has taken up hunting, and has proven to be very bad at it.

However, thinking she has a case, she calls Sam and Dean to Sioux Falls unbeknownst to Jodi. When the boys arrive, they are told by Jodi that Claire isn't good at hunting. That she's in fact attacked several innocent people having mistaken them for monsters and that she's ignoring college in favor of hunting. She says the missing people Claire insists are a case are probably nothing at all given this behavior and asks the boys to help her with Claire.

Alex, meanwhile, is doing well in high school and is dating the most popular boy in school.

Up until the point that a teacher shows up dead tapped to the top of a flag pole, this episode doesn't really have much hunting in it. In fact, it doesn't have a whole lot after that, either. What it does contain is one of the most awkward scenes I've born witness to on television in a long time where Jodi has a sex talk with Alex around the dinner table.

Oh, and the monsters turn out to be vampires. But it's almost an afterthought. Though it does tie in to something that has happened before in the past on the show.

Middle of the road episode at best. I'd give it a C. Maybe less, but right now I feel generous.