Review: The 100 S3E3

Review: The 100 - "Ye Who Enter Here"

By: J.D.

This was one of the strongest openings in The 100 history, instantly getting to the point and revealing why the Lexa needed Clarke. The Ice Queen is threatening to try and take her place, and Lexa needs the Sky Crew to joining forces with her to make them seem stronger. Quite ironic considering how Lexa left the Sky Crew at Mount Weather with no help, huh? 

The plan to move some of Sky Crew to Mount Weather is slowly but steadily moving into place. There are over 30 regular residents now, and it is causing some tension with Ground Crew. Ground Crew feel like its a bad omen, considering what Mount Weather has meant to them in the past (Reapers and death). The Summit at Polis seems to be a trap to kill off lots of Sky Crew and Ground Crew via the Ice Queen. Will this cause an more tension between two groups that need to work together to survive? Only time will tell. 

Clarke and Lexa also both want to kill each for different reasons. Clarke no long needs Lexa and wants her disposed of. With a knife up to her throat, Clarke is unable to kill Lexa. Lexa also believes that Clarke is special and the source of mysterious power, which will be transferred when Clarke has been killed. Lexa has one simple request though: Sky Crew become apart of Ground Crew to take on the Ice Nation army. 

One part that felt rushed was Octavia's and Bellamy's trip to Polis to stop the Summit from being destroyed. In a huge plot twist (like always) it turns out the Summit isnt what is being attacked. Mount Weather was the target for the Ice Nation, and the "tip" about the Summit open to attack completely. Mount Weather ends by being blow to pieces, with Raven barely surviving the destruction. This ends in the Ice Nation delegates being arrested at the Summit because of their Queen's act of war.

Featuring the main conflict of the warring Grounder Tribes was a great idea for this episode. Instead of pushing along secondary stories and characters, we got to focus on the main conflict and had amazing results. While i originally felt like Mount Weather was the best story line The 100 would ever have, this conflict with the Ice Queen is turning out to be ever darker and most sinister than I could imagine.