Review: Black Sails S3E3

Review: Black Sails - "XXI"

By: Jenny Robinson

This show just keeps getting better. Episode 303 was awesome!

After last weeks episode of Flint’s crew battling the hurricane, it appeared there was little hope for them. This episode felt so hopeless for that ship. Not only is the crew battling dehydration, starvation and no wind, but they also have to deal with a captain that is a few cards short of a deck.

Flint is now seeing the ghost of his murdered mistress (Miranda Barlow, played by Louise Barnes). We have seen her in his dreams a few times now this season. I am having a hard time deciding if it is because of redemption or atonement. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, he has taken it on himself to choose who lives and dies on the ship. Flint starts a list of which men are critical for the ships survival and who are not. This is how rations would be distributed accordingly. Billy seems to hate the idea but understands. John Silver on the other hand… not so much. 

I said it before but I am absolutely in love with the John Silver’s character development this season. The interaction between Billy and him after the delegation of rations proves the role has grown from the conniving pretty boy of season one into a very complex force this season. Plus the acting by Luke Arnold is superb. 

Although I loved the story of Flint’s desolate crew, the action all fell on Nassau. 

MAN O MAN! Elenor is an intersting B!+(#. She had no problem putting Captain Hornigold in possible peril (although a genius plot) 

Hornigold gets volunteered to go ashore for the Brits to offer the Pirates pardons in exchange for the British take over of the island. Of course this is after the British fleet sees multiple black flag ships protecting the harbor (thanks Rackham!). 

As you know, you can never trust a Pirate. It appears most decide the pardon is a better plan than fighting with Vane and Teach. To add to the fun, there is now a GIANT bounty for Vane’s head, dead or alive (thanks Eleanor!). 

Sucks to be Edward Teach (Blackbeard) since he had just admitted to Charles that he is his only chance of his legacy - Daddy complex. 

Again, Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor… such a woman scorned.

Next week should be pretty interesting…