Review: Supergirl S1E13

Review: Supergirl - "For the Girl Who Has Everything"

By: Dave Clark

Tonight's episode picks up directly where last week's left off. A parasite called the Black Mercy has attached itself to Kara which sends her into a hallucination where she never left Krypton. She has emotional moments with her mother and father, her aunt, and a very young Kal-El as well. Outside of this perfect world, Alex is doing everything in her power to save her. She confronts Maxwell Lord, Hank, the A.I. version of Alura, and even Astra. They're able to send Alex into Kara's subconscious to try to pull her from her delusions forcing Alex to confront Kara's mother and father and emotionally plead for Kara to wake up. They succeed and Kara's first course of action is to go after Non who sent her the Black Mercy. She fights Non while Alex is confronted by Astra. Alex would kill Astra with her kryptonite blade, but J'onn J'onzz takes the blame in order to protect Alex's relationship with her sister.

While she's stuck in this coma-like state, Cat Grant is demanding that Kara return to her job. This forces Hank to take on the guise of Kara to fill in for her and keep her normal day to day life in tact. This provides a lot of comedic moments in which I think Cat actually scared Hank a bit.

At first I wasn't too thrilled at the idea of Supergirl adapting the fantastic Superman story by Alan Moore called "For the Man Who Has Everything" for their show, but I think they did a great job making it fit for their storytelling. This was a great episode that was meant to be their season finale before they finally got picked up for a full season from CBS. I loved everything about this episode.

What I Liked:

  • Hank pretending to be Kara is always fun. Tonight we got to see him go up against Cat and it made for some funny moments.
  • The scenes on Krypton were surprisingly great. For a show set on CBS to use as much CGI as they had to in order to depict the planet, they did a great job.
  • Alex Danvers. This was her episode to shine and she was fantastic. All credit goes to Chyler Leigh for an absolutely brilliant performance.
  • The entire cast was amazing tonight. Amazing performances all around.

What I Didn't Like:

  • The only thing I noticed that was off was the audio when Martian Manhunter spoke. The syncing might have been off when they had David Harwood do his voiceover work. No big deal though, minor issue. 

This is what I thought of the episode, but we wanna know what you guys thought. Sound off below!