Review: The Flash S2E13

Review: The Flash - "Welcome to Earth-2"

By: Dave Clark

I've been looking forward to Team Flash jumping over to Earth-2 since the finale of the first season and Barry opened up the breach. The episode begins with Harry narrating and telling his journal that they're closing all of the breaches in anticipation for their journey over to Earth-2. Upon arriving in Earth-2 (After getting more glimpses of other Earths including Supergirl!) Barry and Cisco get caught up in all of the differences on this Earth, this includes Barry and Iris being married. Another huge difference is that Caitlin and Ronnie are meta-bad guys, Killer Frost and Deathstorm, working for Zoom.

So much happens in tonight's episode but I'll try to break it down simply. Barry takes the place of Earth-2 Barry in order to infiltrate this world and gain information about where Zoom might be, in the process Earth-2 Joe is killed by Killer Frost and Deathstorm. Cisco discovers that his doppelgänger is actually working for Zoom as well and has discovered the full potential of his powers. Earth-2 Cisco aka Reverb offers to teach Cisco these powers and that they could rule over Central City together. Deathstorm begins to attack Barry with fireballs but Killer Frost pleads with him to stop, knowing what Zoom would do to him for betraying his orders to take Flash alive. She's too late, however, as Zoom shows up and kills both Reverb and Deathstorm before taking Barry captive in his lair where Barry sees someone in a metal helmet in a cage and sees Harry's daughter as well.

Back on Earth-1, Jay is filling in for Barry as The Flash with the assistance of Caitlin trying to make a better version of Velocity 6, which as it turns out is the reason that Jay is dying and no longer has his powers. Jay is needed to stop a metahuman he knows from his Earth as Geomancer (the Earth-2 version died, this is the Earth-1 version). Jay is unable to stop him as the Velocity 7 fails, but Joe is able to scare off Geomancer with some bullets.

Simply put, this was the best episode of the series so far. It was the best episode of any series and for me to say that, that's saying something. I've loved and lost so many shows along the years of my life, and I have many favorite episodes of television that I'd put up against some of the classic movies of our time as being pieces of art. This episode was perfect in every way. I cannot wait for more Earth-2 next week and I cannot wait to re-watch this episode for the MANY easter eggs littered throughout the episode (Barry and Iris had Bruce, Hal, and Diana on their speed dial!)

What I Liked:

  • The boys. Harry, Barry, and Cisco are the ones taking the trip to Earth-2. I love when these guys are in scenes together and this grouping gave us all kinds of memorable moments.
  • Seeing Supergirl in the flashes as they traveled through the breach. It sort of proves that she's on another Earth which is kind of disappointing, but it was still great to see her. Also seeing future Ollie and what looked like the John Wesley Shipp version of The Flash as well!
  • All of the differences on Earth-2. All the little easter eggs that they were able to play with made this so much fun.
  • Giving Earth-2 the Golden Age aesthetic was brilliant. It looks beautiful and makes so much sense given the source material for Jay Garrick.
  • Barry getting to speak to his mother was crushing and beautiful.
  • All of the performances were fantastic. This cast is truly wonderful from top to bottom. Main characters to recurring characters to guest characters, all of them take their roles seriously and it shows on screen every week.
  • This list could go on and on. I love this episode.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Nothing. I loved every bit of this episode.

I could gush on and on about this episode but I'd prefer like to hear what you all thought! Sound off below! What easter eggs did I miss? What was your favorite part! Let us know!

Here's some screen grabs from my favorite easter egg moments!