Paley: FTWD

PaleyFest - Fear The Walking Dead

By: Jenny Robinson

On Saturday March 19th, Paley hosted the cast and creators of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. In attendance were Kim Dickens (Madison Clark), Cliff Curtis (Travis Manawa), Alycia Debnam-Cary (Alicia Clark), Frank Dillane (Nick Clark), Mercedes Masohn (Ofelia Salazar), Ruben Blades (Daniel Salazar), Lorenzo James Henrie (Chris Manawa), and Coleman Domingo (Victor Strand). 

An ongoing theme of both the red carpet and the panel was the disfunction in our group of survivors. They left off Season 1 with a lot of weight to carry. Travis had just killed his ex-wife and Chris’s mother who had been bitten. Nick had just been rescued but apparently not from his addictions. Nick also brought Victor Strand along with him, who is a sort the mysterious addition to the group. Daniel had lost his wife and Ofelia’s mother and also had his very dark past come back to surface. 

Season 2 should be a lot of dealing with those events. Questions to be answered, such as how Chris and Ofelia will deal with both their father’s actions, or how Madison and Alicia will handle Nick’s constant drama. Throw a character like Strand into the mix and it's hard to see the story without conflict. 

We were treated with a few minutes sneak peak of a few scenes from the upcoming season premiere (airs April 10th). The first is Madison and Daniel discussing their distrust in Strand (surprise!). The second was a bit more ominous. We see Nick swimming until we realize above him is a floating “infected” reaching for him (why was he in the water?!?). 

My favorite on the panel was the responses from Ruben Blades. His understanding of Daniel’s character was very insightful. He spoke of how his wife was who kept him grounded, hinting that he may be off the leash this season. 

I left the panel feeling excited by the teases I was given. 

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