Review: The Flash S2E16

Review: The Flash - "Trajectory"

By: Dave Clark

Feels like forever since we've had a new episode of The Flash, but tonight our favorite speedster has returned! Still reeling from the death of Jay Garrick, the team is attempting to push Barry's abilities to the limit in case they need to face off with Zoom yet again. Team Flash also decides they are in need of much neglected down time and head to a club together with Wally. It's at this club that a new speedster shows up and robs everyone, leaving the patrons of the club to believe that Flash has gone bad!

Tonight's episode showed us a lot of conflict between Harry and Jesse. He's trying his best to protect his daughter in this new world, maybe just a bit too much for her liking. She finds out just how desperate Harry was to get her back, and this terrifies her. She ends up striking out on her own, leaving her father behind while she looks for her life in this new Earth. All of this happened after we saw Jesse get injected with a syringe of Velocity 9, so I'm inclined to assume we may see Jesse Quick at some point down the road!

The introduction of Trajectory was fun and it was great to see what V9 had done to her psyche with the voice in her head. She was conflicted and not entirely an evil person but she, of course, bought into the dark side in the end and paid for it with her life. We also finally saw the team come to the realization that Jay is Zoom and it led to a very distraught and angry Barry screaming above a waterfall that he tried to jump at the open of the episode. With all the betrayal that he's had to deal with over the past two seasons, it's easy to see how furious Barry might become in future episodes. He's had to have had enough and is ready to break.

I enjoyed the episode overall, but it did seem to feel like a filler episode to me. The comedy was on point, as always, getting to see the amazing dance skills of Cisco. The drama was thick with Harry and Jesse, and even Iris and her boss got in on the storytelling. He was dead set on blaming the Flash and vilifying him at every turn but Iris continues to stand up for Barry, taking her boss out on what he mistakenly thought was a date. I'm more looking forward to next week's time traveling wraith episode than I was for tonight, but any episode of Flash is better than almost everything else on television.