Review: Black Sails S3E8

Review: Black Sails - "XXVI & XXVII"

By: Jenny Robinson

I am kind of glad I waited to do a “recap” of the last 2 episodes of Black Sails. Not only so I that I had time for all the “OMG’s!!!” to sink in but also a refresh before 3/26/16 season 3 finale. 

There was a good amount of set up with some pretty big cliff hangers in 308. I felt it was best to link the past two episodes together in my rant so I had some sort of outcome in E309. One of the few times I really wish I was wrong. The “outcome” is still so frustrating good!

So let’s start with the build up that is E308.

Mr. Jack Rackham is being sent to the Spanish ships by Governor Rogers. This was not the original plan (as noted from E307 when Anne loses the gold to the British in attempt to trade for Jack). There is an interesting dialog with Jack and the now Governor, Woodes Rogers. I always enjoy when the show explains the back story of a character in the words of that character. It gives a scene that just soaks up the drama. 

The best part of the conversation is when Jack tells Rogers that Anne will do about anything to save him. Roger obviously doesn’t have faith in the pirates abilities to do such a thing and what they are capable of despite feasibility. 

Back in town, Max comes aware that the Governor’s path has been compromised (side note: by her enemy). She tells Eleanor who then tells the soldiers, etc, etc. No one seems to take their warning to heart (she is a backstabbing jerk. So there is that.).

Sure enough, in comes the raiders including Anne, Flint and Vane.

Long story short, Vane shoots out a wheel and the carriage carrying both Jack and Rogers and it epically crashes. Vane and Anne are trying to unhook the injured Jack from his restraints. Flint takes the gold with the promise that his 3 compadres will be right behind them. Jack is freed and he and Anne take off. 

BUT (and a big BUT) Vane is captured by the British. 

When Flint finds out his words have such vengeance “Charles Vane swinging over Nassau is a statement we cannot afford to be made”. Luckily, Billy and Jack have the foresight to know that Flint going to his rescue when a war is approaching would not be a great idea.

The episode ends with Billy heading to Nassau to save Vane.

Now for my most frustrating yet “hate that I loved it” episode recap, E309.

I have such a dislike for Eleanor. She (in my honest opinion) is 20x more evil than any pirate. She lacks any sense of honor or code. She is a conniving (insert curse words here). 

Despite the injured Governor’s warning to not take Vane’s case personal, it is exactly what she does. While Billy is trying to rally the subdued pirates to force Vane’s trial to be done in Nassau instead of Britain, Eleanor makes her own ruling. The Governor is down for the count, feverish from his injuries of the crash, so she has a private council and has Vane’s verdict held. He is to be hung in Nassau for his crimes immediately (again… insert curse words here). Have I mentioned how much I really REALLY dislike Eleanor? 

Meanwhile back on Slave Island, Mr. Scott finally passes away from his injuries (remember a few episodes back he is shot on the shores of Nassau). The queen and her daughter are now in full charge. I am really enjoying the scenes between John Silver and Mr. Scott’s daughter. It is nice to see her school Silver, yet still have compassion. 

Flint (on his return to the island) has outmaneuvered Hornigold. His ship is now close to the shore, canons facing his opponent and a beach full of unexpected soldiers. Flint is amazing, and Hornigold retreats back to Nassau once he sees the shore filled with combatants. 

Billy is roaming the streets of Nassau and attempting to persuade the pirates to join his cause to save Vane by "making sure people give a sh*t about it”. At this time, the hanging has already been set. 

My favorite interaction was between Vane and the priest. “What ever remorse I have or do not have is my own and I choose not to share it with you. It says more about you than it does about me”. Amen Charles!

When they lead Vane to the gallows, you can see Billy has not given up hope of saving Charles. There is this moment though when Billy looks at Vane and just knows. I sat there going “NO. NO. NO” but in this new Game of Thrones / Walking Dead sort of world, no character is safe.

Again, I really REALLY do not like Eleanor. 

Billy understood that Vane’s fate is exactly what was needed to provoke the pirates in rebellion.

“…These men who brought me here today do not fear me. They brought me here today because they fear you. Because they know that my voice, the voice that refuses to be enslaved once lived in you and may yet still…We are many. They are few.”

At this point is when I throw a world class temper tantrum. It was so well done but hit me so hard. I wouldn’t want to change the story but that didn’t say I was happy. Charles Vane is dead.

At the end of the episode, we see my enemy Eleanor dispatching the Spanish towards Flint’s Island. The war is ramping up and the season finale looks to be brutal. 

The saving grace that got me out of my exasperated sobs of Vane was the entrance of Teach. All it took was that look. That look once he heard that a pirate was hung in the streets of Nassau. That pirate was Charles Vane. 

Bring on Black Beard!!!!