Review: Supergirl S1E18

Review: Supergirl - "Worlds Finest"

By: Dave Clark

Christmas came early tonight. Tonight, CBS aired the extremely special episode of Supergirl that saw The CW's very own Scarlet Speedster, The Flash jump over to another network and aid the Girl of Steel in fighting her own Ladies Only Rogues Gallery. It's a very rare thing to see a character from a show on another network appear on a show that is airing on again a completely different network. Sure, both shows are under the same studio umbrella, but it's a lot of red tape to cut to get something like this to happen. And we're so happy that the lawyers and the execs allowed it to happen because tonight's episode of Supergirl was exceptional.

Photo Credit: CBS

Kara is introduced very early to The Flash when Siobhan Smythe returns to CatCo to exact revenge on her by using her Banshee scream to send her flying out of a window. Barry speeds his way and saves her, finally stopping off in the desert. It's at this point when the two introduce themselves to each other in a very cute and adorable fashion. The performances by Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist were perfect. The on screen chemistry and friendship that these two characters could have was on display immediately. You wanted to see them working together all the time and knowing it was going to end in less than hour, made you a bit sad. The 'how' of Barry's appearing in National City on this Earth is explained rather simply, he's been testing his abilities and his speed in preparation for facing off with Zoom and it's pushed him to going so fast that he created his own breach. Now he needs help getting home, as there seems to be no Cisco or Caitlin or Harrison Wells in this world's version of Central City (though they do share Mariah Carey, and the Three Musketeers). 

Photo Credit: CBS

The team-up excitement didn't stop with just Flash and Supergirl, no we were given the gift of villains joining forces when Live Wire and the newly created Silver Banshee team up to take down both Supergirl and Cat Grant. Silver Banshee's look was terrifying and great all at the same time and I cannot wait to see the cosplayers' take on this outfit. The moments of Team Supergirl meeting Barry along with Cat meeting him were entertaining and hilarious. You were left dreaming of a moment when Cisco and Winn might sit down and geek out about all of the things they've seen while working with their friends. Barry being able to figure out that when he's in a room with Cat, he should not be trying to suggest things to her and know she owns the room.

Overall, this was a great episode that is up there this season with the moment in 'Human for a Day' when Martian Manhunter reveals himself, and along with The Flash episodes in Earth 2. It was a lot of geek fun rolled into one 42 minute package and it left me begging for me. I can't wait to see what other special surprises these creators and writers have in store for us with all of these shows in their separate and shared universes. This team-up did not feel forced at all. It didn't feel like some big publicity stunt in order to increase ratings, it felt like one of those special events from the comics that used to be a rarity. I loved it, but please let me know what you thought in the comments below!