Review: TWD S6E11

Review: The Walking Dead - "Knots Untie" & "Not Tomorrow Yet"

By: Jenny Robinson

I ended “Knots Untied” (S6E11) last week without much to say other than “MAN are we moving fast”. 

As a comic reader, I had a good idea of where they were heading. I feared that if I wrote a recap that I would get too lost in the “what’s to come” context. We all know at this point that the famous Negan is on the horizon. His reputation has extended so far beyond the reach of the comics that even non-readers are getting nervous of his arrival. Moving into S6E12 “Not Tomorrow Yet”, I should have known there is no way to predict this show.

Let’s start with a brief comic-to-show timeline. We started the second half of this season around comic #84. The herd enters Alexandria and the town unites to overcome (with a few taken down in the process). We get into S6E11 (Knots Untie) which takes a pretty big leap to around comic #95. Now there are some great developments in the comics 85-95 but made sense they condensed that part of the story. Yet issue 95 plays out almost exactly like E11. You know, Rick covered in blood and all that jazz. To put time it into perspective, Negan arrives in issue 100. 

TWD did an excellent job representing the comic in the scene where Ethan returns and stabs Gregory. Also, I must say they did a great job casting Xander Berkeley as the arrogant Gregory. 

I watched E11 wondering how they were going to fill the remaining episodes with such little left from the comics until the BIG Negan reveal. 

S6E12 “Not Tomorrow Yet” was nothing like the comics!!!

This simple fact is why I absolutely love the writing direction of this show. As a reader, I can get insanely excited about what is to come and still be surprise that the road taken is different. The direction always seems to work and end up where they need to be in concerns of the comic.

So… Not Tomorrow Yet, AKA, Rick takes the war to Negan (S6E12).

I have been trying to remember an episode where there were more living killed than walkers. It was hard and this episode may win. The raid on the Saviors camp was brutal and action packed. Rick Grimes does not mess around.

I am still struggling with the fact that Glenn finally took a living person’s life. Glenn always had an innocence about him and it is hard to predict how his character will develop from here. That same idea has sparked with many of the characters it seams as well.

My favorite example was with Tara. If we remember back, the Governor had said a very similar speech concerning Rick’s crew.  They all must die. In watching this episode, there is an overwhelming feeling that most of the crew understands the reason yet not totally OK with it. We know in this world, nothing comes without consequences.

Our crew appears to have made it through the take-over successfully until they receive a message via walkie talkie that some of the Saviors have Carol and Maggie. It seems nothing is ever easy in the world of the Walking Dead.

We are now walking into unknown territory after multiple episodes that mimic the comics and the excitement is building.