Review: 11.22.63 S1E3

Review: 11.22.63 - "Other Voices, Other Rooms"

By: Matt Spaulding

The third episode of "11.22.63" takes the biggest leaps yet away from the source material, but also introduces more of the main plot and players.

At the end of the last episode, Bill Turcotte (who died in the novel) finds Jake's materials about the future and essentially kidnaps him, not being sure what to do about it. This episode picks up with Jake convincing Bill that he really is from the future and explaining to him what it is he is going to do to save Kennedy. Bill, having nowhere else to go, offers to aid Jake in his mission.

With Bill along for the mission, Jake sets up an apartment across the way from where he knows Lee Harvey Oswald is going to live in Fort Worth, Texas, bugs the future assassin's future apartment and sets up recording equipment so that he and Bill can capture Oswald plotting to kill Kennedy.

At the same time, in an effort to keep up an appearance of a normal life as well as to make money, Jake takes a job as a substitute teacher at a school in Jodie, Texas. While in Jodie, Jake forms a bond with the new librarian, Sadie Dunhill and a romance begins to blossom.

When Oswald and his family return to Texas and move into the Fort Worth apartment, Jake and Bill begin their mission to find out if Oswald truly acted alone, or if there was any involvement from George de Mohrenschildt. This leads them to a rally where General Edwin Walker is speaking and we get our first real glimpse at the Oswald who would be capable of killing Kennedy.

Initially, I was very thrown off by the involvement of Bill as Jake's sidekick. As I said above, in the novel Bill died. But, for the casual viewer (and eventually for me as well) it works because it gives Jake someone to interact with whereas in the novel, Jake is the narrator, so we get ttiono see his thoughts. The inclusion of Bill as a partner lets us in on Jake's thought process, so I don't mind. Plus, he's being written pretty well and I'm starting to like him.

Also, the introduction of Sadie was wonderful. The actress portraying her is pretty and sweet, just like Sadie should be. The romance between her and Jake impacted me deeply in the book. I hope it does so here.

Final grade: A