Supergirl Renewed!

Supergirl Gets Renewed in a New Home

By: Matt Spaulding

Supergirl, which just ended its first season on CBS, has been renewed for a second season, but with a twist. The show is being rehomed on The CW, which is jointly owned by CBS and Warner Bros. (hence the name "CW"). It will join CW's other DC Comics based shows The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

Even though I dropped the show around mid-season, I'm thrilled it's being renewed. In a world starved for better and more frequent depictions of female characters (especially in superhero stuff), Supergirl really fills that need. I'm glad people enjoy it, I just found it wasn't for me. And its move to The CW only makes sense. CBS' audience really isn't the superhero crowd. The show was very out of place amongst the network's crime dramas and sitcoms. The CW really seems to have found its niche in superheroes, sci-fi and fantasy, and Supergirl will be right at home there.