Review: The Flash S2E22

Review: The Flash - "Invincible"

By: Dave Clark

Here we are, the penultimate episode of the second season of The Flash. It's been a crazy and fun ride to get to this point and, personally, Flash has become my favorite comic book based television show. So much so that when I read Flash now, I hear Grant's voice in my head when I read Barry's speech bubbles. I really enjoy what they're doing with this character and his world and it is leaps and bounds better than what is happening on Arrow. Granted it's not a fair comparison as they no where near the same thematically, but they are in the same universe and Arrow comes from great episodes (watch season two). Enough of this ranting...let's discuss tonight's episode!

Zoom has invaded with his army of metas including Laurel Lance aka Black Siren. We learn that he's got a bigger plan in store, and that having his army take down buildings throughout Central City isn't just some random act of terror. As Flash is fighting metas one at a time, Wells and Cisco invent a device to incapacitate all the Earth 2 invaders (it effects Wells and Jesse as well, but Wells created a headset to protect them). The device stops them all, allowing Flash to clean up the mess and send most to Iron Heights and the rest to the prison inside of S.T.A.R. Labs, however, Zoom opens a breach and gets away.

Caitlin is returned to the group and she's suffering from some severe PTSD, seeing Zoom everywhere. It's clear he's going to haunt her for some time, but being with Team Flash and helping to take down some Earth 2 metas brings her some solace and purpose and puts her back on track. Wally gets a taste of the hero gig as he saves someone from getting her purse stolen, and then later even saves Flash from Black Siren. Joe wants to stop this behavior but it's Barry who convinces Joe that it's because of who Joe is as a man that Wally wants to be something better than just a citizen. Wally wants to fight for his new city. Cisco repeatedly gets visions of birds dying. In his final vibe of the episode he sees Earth 2 being ripped in half from pole to pole and he exclaims that he fears this is what Zoom has planned for their Earth.

Throughout the episode, Barry is convinced that the universe is on their side. He's bright and cheery and optimistic about their place in the battle ahead. His confidence is frightening to the team but in the end, he proves them right as they win the day and get ready to sit down as a family, including everyone (Dr. Tina McGee from Mercury Labs pops in after discovering Barry is the Flash and some sparks between her and Henry Allen seem to be igniting). It's at this point that Zoom returns and takes Henry away from the party. Barry speeds off, revealing to Wally (the only one in the room who didn't know his secret) that he's the Flash. Zoom has taken Henry to Barry's childhood home and as Barry pleads with Zoom to take him instead, Henry expresses his love for his son and tells him that he's so proud of him. In the final show of the episode, Zoom punches through Henry's chest as Barry cries out for his father.

The final scene was amazing and tore at my heart. The entire episode I could feel the tension building. The theme of Barry and his friends being Invincible was, of course, a red herring. We knew it would only end in tears and with the death of Barry's father, I'm not quite sure how Barry will react. Zoom's goal was to prove to him that they are both the same. Will this drive Barry over the edge? The finale is next week and I cannot wait to see how this season ends.

Things I Liked:

  • The open of the show. Earth 2 metas everywhere. The Metapocalypse is a great term for what we saw and I loved seeing Barry back in action to stop them all. So many powers!
  • Wally being a hero even though he has no powers. Loved this moment. Showing how brave and strong he is even without the powers. I love seeing this character grow in front of our eyes. His reasoning for fighting is great as well. And Barry's realization that Wally is for real with a small smile was so great.
  • Cisco trying to figure out his Vibes. He adds so much to this show with his humor and then also with his emotions. And his dynamic with Wells makes me smile.
  • "We didn't just know her, we loved her." The mourning of Laurel is felt across the Arrowverse. We all miss her and seeing her as a villain shocked them all.
  • Wells saving his daughter. No hesitation.

Things I Didn't Like:

  • More people knowing Barry's secret identity. Granted Dr. McGee figured it out on her own, but I hate that so many people are finding it out. And we knew Wally would find out someday, he has to know. Still don't like it.