Review: Preacher S1E3

Review: Preacher - "The Possibilities"

By: Johnny Wellens

Preacher is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows currently running. And hands down my favorite thing about this show are the characters. There is not a single one that I wouldn’t want to see again. Even these tiny moments we get with Quinncannon and Eugene are excellent.

Bless this show for not following that overdone format of constantly picking up right where every cliffhanger left off. We get immediate resolution as to whether Jesse’s trick on coma girl works and we get a very different interaction with her Mother, who until that point was a woman without a cause. This incident with her daughter has sprung new life in their home…I can’t wait to see if it backfires. It’d be fine if it didn’t because not everything that Jesse does needs to blow up in his face.

My favorite scene of the episode was watching Jesse show off his new powers to Cassidy. Cassidy was having a great time with it and wasn’t the least bit weirded out, although considering he’s a vampire it would probably take a lot. His scene when he ran over the angels (I found out they’re angels) was hilarious. Their story fits just fine with Cassidy and I chuckled when Cassidy claimed that he and Jesse were best mates.

This was another episode where I wasn’t super impressed with Tulip’s story. I guess I thought I’d be more invested in her by now but she’s dropped off a little for me in the last two episodes. That does not indicate that I don’t like her or look forward to more fleshing out of her character. Just that as great as Ruth Negga plays Tulip I am much more interested in Cassidy and Quinncannon.

Speaking of Quinncannon…dude is creepy. Like, ultimate creep factor. I certainly have my fair share of issues but listening to animal slaughter on recording indicates deeper problems than I can relate to. The anticipation of a showdown between Jesse and Quinncannon is building and the writers are certainly taking their time. Speaking of time, Eugene got very little this episode. That’s okay though. I eat up every second he’s on screen. I daresay he stands to be the only truly decent person that lives in this town.

Speaking of daresay (I am on a roll) Jesse had quite an eventful episode learning to use his abilities and starting across that line he swore he wouldn’t cross again. Obviously we are to assume that whatever terrible thing Jesse is running from in his past is going to be addressed with vengeance. He and Tulip hate this Carlos fella and mean to do him some awful harm.

For a second I really thought Jesse was going to have Donnie shoot himself. Jesse crosses that line when he really believes that everyone would be better off. But he snapped out of it, he left Donnie run away with his tail between his legs. Who else thinks Donnie is going to come back with even more vengeance?! Overall I think this was an improvement over the last episode.

Final Grade: A

Random Thoughts:

  • I want more Eugene
  • Cassidy is the least vampirey vampire ever.