Review: Preacher S1E4

Review: Preacher - "Monster Swamp"

By: Johnny Wellens

Finally! Now we’re really starting to get somewhere with Jesse’s powers.

And we actually got enough Jackie Earle Haley for me to decide that I really like what he’s doing with the character. His scenes with the townspeople, the mayor, Jesse and the church were amazing. He doesn’t actually strike me as all that evil. I fully anticipated that he’d be evil incarnate but thus far he only displays traits of anti-socialism and prefers to be withdrawn from society. He doesn’t look to be very comfortable in crowds. It’ll be interesting to find out if he acknowledges that something is wrong with this new desire to “serve God” and what that might entail.


This episode pretty much solidified my fascination with Cassidy. He has quickly become my favorite part of the show and every scene he’s in is electrifying. Like Quincannon he had a lot of great scenes this episode. Since Jesse refused to leave town as Cassidy suggested I loved that he decided to scam the angels instead. It was hilarious how he played Tulip and I’m excited for their relationship to further now that she’s clearly going to know he’s not normal.


Tulip interested me a lot more this episode. Her temper getting the better of her and almost “killing” Cassidy was very eye opening and makes you wonder how she’s gets away with anything, ever! As always we get a little more insight into each character every episode but Tulip’s was my favorite.

This one is going to be a little shorter than I usually keep them. I’ll be back on it normally next week but the last two weeks have been…interesting.


Final Grade: A

Random Thoughts:

  • The bit with the phone at the end was predictable but didn’t make it any less tense.
  • No Eugene makes me a saaaaaaaaaaad panda.
  • Hunting humans is allowed by the town? I mean it’s paintball but it still seems odd that the town would permit it.