Review: Preacher S1E5

Review: Preacher - "South Will Rise Again"

By: Johnny Wellens

More background on The Saint of Killers is good. I was almost starting to forget about him since his first appearance in the 2nd episode. But I definitely won’t be forgetting his story now. Seriously…the old west was messed up! Everything that makes me uncomfortable in film and television happened within the first 10 minutes of the episode. I cannot wait to see what kind of vengeance the Saint has in store for Ratwater.

Last week I said I wanted to see more Eugene. I forgot to mention I only wanted to see Eugene when he’s doling out sage advice he’s too young to know or give. Or when things are heavy and Eugene saves the atmosphere by being overly positive and insightful. This episode just reinforces what a good kid Eugene is and how he continues to be the light in all of his town’s dark. Respect, Eugene.

Cassidy was great as always, his falling for Tulip makes sense. She’s probably the only person in the world who can really keep up with him. When he was casually dismissing the questions she had about his vampirism I half wondered if he’d make a play at her again, nice to know I can sense TV sexual tension. Which means this show is going to get even weirder if my suspicions about Donnie and the Sheriff are correct…

And Tulip is back on my “A-Okay List.” I really enjoyed her story this episode and I continually wonder why Jesse doesn’t use his power on her to make her leave. I’m guessing because he really doesn’t want her to? Her giving up and falling back on Cassidy was a bummer, she didn’t seem to want it to be anything other than a fling. Does Cassidy get jealous? I’m going to bet that he does. Her insistence that Jesse is a bad man was starting to bother me last week. But I see now why she believes that.

Jesse creates chaos whether he intends to or not. Yes, he is doing what he believes is the right thing to do with his new powers but as we’ve seen there are plenty of unintended consequences. I think it’s totally possible to be an unintentional bad guy. His heart is in the right place which is why we root for him. But I wonder how long until he realizes the destruction he’s causing by misusing the power. He is very flippantly using his ability to play God. He even believes that God is living in him and was surprised to hear that it wasn’t. It takes some balls to assume you have essentially become God.

The ending didn’t surprise me. I could tell something was going to happen and I figured it’d be Quinncannon offing his guests. I’m a little disappointed that I saw it coming from so far away. I hope the surprises in this show are more…surprisier? Otherwise this was a great episode and an improvement on the character of Tulip for me.

All the actors shined again in this episode. I am sure loving this show!

Final Grade: A-

Random Thoughts:

  • Seriously…the old west was messed up!
  • Jesse is so reckless, it’s no surprise this is the same man who shot a komodo dragon in the face.
  •  I have already signed all the qualifying legal documents to adopt Eugene.
  • What does the mayor do now?!