Paley: Lethal Weapon

PaleyFest - Lethal Weapon

By: Jenny Robinson

I personally really enjoyed the new Lethal Weapon television show on Fox (airs 9.21.16). I will admit that I wasn’t expecting a drastic difference from the original movies since this is just a reboot. Yet, I sat and watched the pilot at the PaleyFest event and was surprise by how thoroughly entertaining it was. Although the script doesn’t shy far from the original plot of the movies, the cast’s delivery of the story gave it a new life.

Damon Wayans' portrayal of Roger Murtaugh felt honest. Murtaugh was no longer just the elderly cop on the verge of retirement but more as the older more experienced partner. To top it off, Clayne Crawford’s take on Martin Riggs provided the audience with some good laughs but also some heartbreaking empathy for that character. When the show focused on the character development of the two front line cops and supporting cast, they got it right on, establishing pragmatical circumstances. Every character is written and performed with such coherent chemistry that the show felt very natural. The pilot from start to finishing bounced seamlessly from comedy, drama and action packed sequences. I can see this becoming a show where you anxiously await what the character may be up against each week, while you sit with a bowl of popcorn sucked into the action.

Thumbs up!

Before the pilot, I was able to talk to the cast about the show on the red carpet. Check out our video below! (Recorded & Edited by Patrick Nagy)