Paley: Ash vs Evil Dead

PaleyFest - Ash vs Evil Dead

By: Jenny Robinson

The first episode of the sophomore season of Ash vs Evil Dead takes what you expect and raises it up another notch. It’s the only show that I personally find myself doubled over laughing at some of the goriest violent scenes on television. The sold-out PaleyFest screening and panel did not disappoint. During the entire episode the audience clapped, cheered, ooo’d and awe’d. 
The premise of this season is Ash returns home. Home is where the heart is (or isn’t) along with family, friends and ex-flames. Let’s just say that not everyone is excited to see him (actually NO ONE is excited to see him). When you place Ash into a situation where not only is he battling deadites but also a disgruntled father, it proves to be a bumpy ride.

The panel with the cast was electrified. I have been through a lot of panels in my day but I never had this much fun. The cast is so in sync with each other that the conversation bounced seamlessly from one actor to another, poking fun and adding to the storytelling experience. Paley (@paleycenter) did an amazing job with their twitter coverage capturing some of those candid conversations, we highly recommend you checking it out. Video can also be found on Hulu

We are so excited for Season 2 to continue to gross us out, make us crack up and cheer for Ash, Kelly and Pablo. 

Season 2 starts October 2nd, 2016 and I hope you are ready, it appears to be a wild adventure.

Dear Starz…Season 3 (pretty please)?

Meanwhile, check out our interviews with the cast as they walked into the panel at PaleyFest!

Video/Editing/Photos: Patrick Nagy