Supes Returning!

Superman Returns...for Supergirl Finale!

By: Dave Clark

Coming off the heels of the announcement that Arrow will see two stars returning for the end of the season, Supergirl made news as well. Tyler Hoechlin opened the season by debuting as Earth-38's Superman, and he'll wrap up season two by appearing in the finale which airs on May 22nd! Kara's iconic cousin had previously served as a distant source of inspiration for her, but since he showed up for a couple episodes, he's let her face her challenges on her own. She's done well as the lone hero for National City (aside from Guardian stepping in from time to time...oh and Mon El) but it seems she'll need the Man of Steel's assistance in the season's final battle.

While the reviews were mixed for Hoechlin's portryal of Supes and his alter ego Clark Kent, I really enjoyed what he brought to the table. It was light and fun, and his Clark felt more in line with the Christopher Reeves version of the character.

How do you feel about this news? Did you like Hoechlin as Superman? Are you enjoying season two of Supergirl?