Live Action Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop to get Live Action TV Show

By: Kyle Krause

“I think it's time to blow this scene.  Get everybody and their stuff together.   Okay, three, two, one let's jam.”

News broke this week that the much loved anime Cowboy Bebop will be getting a live action TV adaptation from writer Chris Yost. Chris is one of the writers of Thor: The Dark World and the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. The anime series lasted over 26 episodes, a one hour special and an animated feature film set during the series. There have been rumors about a Cowboy Bebop movie for many years now but it has been in development hell with the most recent rumor being that Spike, the main character, would be played by Keanu Reeves.  

I used to watch Cowboy Bebop when it was on Adult Swim back in the day. My friend told me about it and he said that it was an anime that I would really love. While I did enjoy it, I do not remember most of the episodes. Looking back at it, it does have a Firefly feel to it. With a lot of people loving the original anime, I could see people not wanting a live action version of the beloved series. A few of my friends who love the anime have already said that the anime is perfect as is and that when they heard the news they were greatly disappointed. I'm interested in seeing how they would turn the anime into live action. I am hoping it is not a clone of Firefly and that it stays true to the source material, music and all. That being said, I will be checking out the series when it premieres and go from there.