Stranger Things S2 Hype

The Hype For "Stranger Things 2" is Real!

By: Matt Spaulding

The first of Stranger Things was a pop culture phenomenon. The '80s throwback style reminiscent of classic horror films, the stellar cast of child actors and adult actors alike, the superb writing, it all combined to capture the world. And now it's coming back, dropping on October 27th just in time for Halloween!

In recent years, people have said we are living in the "Golden Age of Television", claiming that the wealth of high-quality programs is unparalleled in the history of the medium, with many claiming TV is now superior to film as an art form. And while this may or may not be true, it's hard for me to argue that Stranger Things is next-level. Not many shows have captured me in quite the same way. I binged the first season on my own pretty quickly then immediately said to my wife "oh my god, you have to watch this show I just watched" and started it over again almost as soon as I had finished it for the first time. The trailers for season two look to deliver me exactly the same level of quality entertainment and I can't wait.


Stranger Things poster paying tribute to A Nightmare on Elm Street

The main thing I can't wait to see again is the cast. I am totally invested in every single character on this show, even the ones I think were a bit underserved in the first season, specifically Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) who I think had a good story line but ultimately wasn't as fully realized as I hope he will become in the new season. I was completely blown away in the first season by the level of acting the child actors achieved and I am delighted I will get to see them revisit these rolls with some more experience under their belts. Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven was, to me, the stand out. I still swear many adult actors couldn't have done what she did with that character and I'm dying to see more of what she can bring, especially now that her character has been MIA for a bit. What other experiences has she had in her time away? How has it affected her? I am chomping at the bit to see Brown tackle all that.

Another character I am looking forward to seeing even more of is Mike, played by Finn Wolfhard. Wolfhard was great in season one, but after seeing his turn as Richie Tozier in It this month, I am confident he's grown even more as an actor and will be able to deliver an even better performance as Mike this time around both because of his growth as an actor and his better understanding of Mike as a character.


Stranger Things pays tribute to Firestarter

Of course, the thing I am looking forward to the most this coming season is answers. Season one left some things pretty open-ended. What have been the lasting effects of the Upside Down on Will (Noah Schnapp) and how will they affect his friends, his family and the rest of Hawkins? What exactly is Hopper's (David Harbour) deal with the mysterious organization that opened to portal to the Upside Down? What is that organization? Actually, the only thing left open from season one I don't have any interest in in the whole "justice for Barb" thing, which we already know won't be addressed this season.

On top of that, the trailers for this season hint at a newer, bigger threat than the demogorgon of season one and I gotta know what that thing is and how a group of kids is going to handle it!

I've never taken a couple days off from work to binge a show, but I'm honestly considering it for this one. My wife wants to watch it with me, but she won't take the time off from work, so probably I'll end up watching it two times in a row just like season one! Glad I only have to wait one more month!