Titans & YJ: Outsiders

Titans & Young Justice: Outsiders Will Debut In 2018!

The level of “squee” that came out of my mouth when I heard about a live action Teen Titans was probably over 100 on the decibel scale (See: Chainsaws and fireworks).

Supes Returning!

Superman Returns...for Supergirl Finale!

Coming off the heels of the announcement that Arrow will see two stars returning for the end of the season, Supergirl made news as well. Tyler Hoechlin opened the season by debuting as Earth-38's Superman, and he'll wrap up season two by appearing in the finale which airs on May 22nd! Kara's iconic cousin had previously served as a distant source of inspiration for her, but since he showed up for a couple episodes, he's let her face her challenges on her own. She's done well as the lone hero for National City (aside from Guardian stepping in from time to time...oh and Mon El) but it seems she'll need the Man of Steel's assistance in the season's final battle.

Stars Returning to Arrow!

Key Characters Returning to Arrow

The first two seasons of Arrow are the main reason why we have such a rich and full DC Television Universe on The CW. The series gave us The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl due to it's success. While the current season has seen a slight return to that fun storytelling, it's also going to give us the return of two fan favorite characters. Deathstroke and Nyssa al Ghul are set to return to Star City!

The Flash SDCC 2016

The Flash Season 3 Trailer and Info

Trailer for Season 3 of The Flash and some new bits of info.

Supes Cast on Supergirl!

'Supergirl' Has Found Their Man of Steel!

Shortly after news broke that Supergirl had been renewed and then moved over to The CW we discovered that Superman would finally make an actual appearance on the show! During season one, Kara had run ins with her iconic younger yet older cousin but we never really got to meet the last Son of Krypton himself. She'd chat via instant message with Clark and he even saved her on one occasion but Supergirl had passed out as he had done so and she didn't get to interact with him in person at that point. During the finale event, Superman was under the thrall of Nod's master plan but we never got a chance to see his face. That all ends in season two of Supergirl! The CW has cast Tyler Hoechlin (Everybody Wants Some!, Road to Perdition, Hall Pass, Teen Wolf) to play Superman in at least two episodes, being introduced in the first episode of the new season.

Review: Arrow S4E15

Review: Arrow - "Taken"

Oliver calls in his old friend Vixen for help in fighting Darhk, while Thea has a heart-to-heart talk with Malcolm.

Review: Arrow S4E14

Review: Arrow - "Code of Silence"

Team Arrow uncovers HIVE's plan to take them out for good, leading Lance to wonder if Donna is better off without him and Oliver to consider telling Felicity about his son.

Review: Arrow S4E13

Review: Arrow - "Sins of the Father"

Oliver receives an offer from Nyssa that is hard to refuse, Meanwhile Thea continues to battle the bloodlust Malcolm steps in to help his daughter, and Laurel has a Heart to Heart talk with Nyssa.

Supergirl Crossover

Flash and Supergirl Crossover Event Confirmed!

We finally got what we've been wanting since they announced the Supergirl series. CBS announced today that Flash will be crossing over to visit Supergirl in National City! Grant Gustin, who currently plays Barry Allen aka The Flash on CW's The Flash will make the trek over to CBS' Supergirl in an episode set to air on March 28th.

Review: Arrow S4E12

Review: Arrow - "Unchained"

Tonight, Arrow returns to our screens and we all hope it's much better than last week's episode! Here's Dave's recap of the episode!

Review: Arrow S4E11

Review: Arrow - "A.W.O.L."

After last week's big reveal that Felicity could no longer walk, tonight we find out what she'll do to help save a friend. Here's our recap of tonight's episode of Arrow.

Review: Arrow S4E10

Review: Arrow - "Blood Debts"

The week of our favorite shows returning continues as Arrow is back!

LoT Trailer

Trailer For 'Legends Of Tomorrow' Released!

Today The CW released another new trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the upcoming spin-off of Arrow and The Flash.

LoT Trailer & Date!

New Trailer For 'Legends of Tomorrow' & Premiere Date!

With the Fall finales looming for our favorite CW superhero shows, The Flash and Arrow, one thing we've been waiting to hear is the premiere date for the uber spin-off series DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Speculate no further! This mash-up series of heroes and villains becoming legends will debut on January 21st! Along with this super news we got a brand new "First Look" trailer from The CW! Check it out!

Flash & Arrow NYCC

Here's The Flash and Arrow NYCC Trailers!

During the final day of the 2015 NYCC, Warner Bros. Television held their panel and gave us a great look at what's to come for both Arrow and The Flash!

The Case For Gotham

The Case For Gotham

Since it’s debut back on September 22nd, 2014, Gotham has been met with some harsh criticism from the most hardcore of Batfans. A lot of the hatred comes from people not liking the show’s creative take on the origins of some of our favorite characters from the Batfamily and their villains. Personally, I think they’re missing the point. In my humble opinion, this show does NOT serve as an origin to Batman, or even to Commissioner James Gordon. This show is an alternative look at the origins of Gotham City itself, and those that would inhabits it’s dangerous streets.

Constantine on Arrow!

Constantine To Return On Arrow!

While the TCA's are taking place this week (Today, The CW was presenting) we've received some awesome news. The grave to the recently canceled NBC series Constantine is no longer fresh, but today we've learned that Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine! Ryan will guest star in one episode of the fourth season of Arrow. Its something that's been in the works for quite some time, leading back to while Constantine's future was still in the air and Arrow star Stephen Amell went to Twitter to make an effort to save the series.

New Arrow Costume

The Arrow Gets A New Look...And Name?

In the closing minutes of Season Three of Arrow, we saw Oliver and Felicity leaving Starling City. Oliver had given up the mantle of The Arrow and was leaving to be with Felicity. When Season Four starts, it looks like he'll be coming back with a fresh look. Stephen Amell took to Facebook and Twitter to reveal the new look minutes before the panel started at SDCC, he also tagged it "GreenArrow."