Titans & YJ: Outsiders

Titans & Young Justice: Outsiders Will Debut In 2018!

The level of “squee” that came out of my mouth when I heard about a live action Teen Titans was probably over 100 on the decibel scale (See: Chainsaws and fireworks).

Katana Recast

'Arrow' Recasts Katana

It was announced a few weeks ago that Devon Aoki would be joining the cast of Arrow for Season 3 as a recurring character. It seems that due to scheduling conflicts, she'll have to leave the show. But fear not, Katana-fans, she's already been recast by someone familiar to the comic book universe. Rila Fukushima (The Wolverine) will be replacing Aoki as Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana. While we have no confirmation yet, I think its safe to assume we'll be seeing Tatsu in Oliver's flashbacks, but I'm hoping we also get to see her in the present time as well...perhaps fighting alongside Canary, and a fiery red-head named Barbara?