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Review: LoT S1E2

Review: Legends of Tomorrow - "Pilot, Part 2"

Last week we were introduced to the Legends of Tomorrow and this week, we see Part 2 of the pilot which gives us more Vandal Savage, and more time with the Hawks!

Review: LoT S1E1

Review: Legends of Tomorrow - "Pilot, Part 1"

After what seems like years and years of waiting and several thousand promos being released, DC's Legends of Tomorrow is finally here!

Jonah Hex Casting!

Jonah Hex Cast In 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow'!

Last week we found out that the Legends of Tomorrow would be traveling back to the Old West and meeting Jonah Hex. Today we discover the man that will be bringing him to life. Johnathon Schaech (Ray Donovan, Quantico, Sleepy Hollow) has been cast as the gunslinger and will debut in the eleventh episode with the possibility to recur in later episodes.

LoT Trailer

Trailer For 'Legends Of Tomorrow' Released!

Today The CW released another new trailer for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the upcoming spin-off of Arrow and The Flash.

2nd Legends Trailer!

Another New Trailer For 'Legends of Tomorrow' and Poster!

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, we're also looming on the Fall finales of all of our favorite shows. With the end of the first half of our favorite shows, we also get the oncoming arrival of the mid-season series as well. Marvel has Agent Carter, and DC has Legends of Tomorrow. With the premiere date set for January 21st, 2016 we've been given a brand new trailer and a new poster!

LoT Trailer & Date!

New Trailer For 'Legends of Tomorrow' & Premiere Date!

With the Fall finales looming for our favorite CW superhero shows, The Flash and Arrow, one thing we've been waiting to hear is the premiere date for the uber spin-off series DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Speculate no further! This mash-up series of heroes and villains becoming legends will debut on January 21st! Along with this super news we got a brand new "First Look" trailer from The CW! Check it out!

LoT Casting!

Legends of Tomorrow Casts Stephanie Corneliussen

As production is ramping up and filming is underway for Arrow and The Flash spin-off DC's Legends of Tomorrow, we get some casting news! TVLine is reporting that Stephanie Corneliussen (one of the stars of the mega hit Mr. Robot) has been tapped to play Valentina Vostok in more than one episode.

DC's Legends Trailer

'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Trailer!

The network upfronts have been going on this week and it was The CW's turn today. They unveiled the image above for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the upcoming spin-off of Arrow and The Flash and we also got this trailer as well! We also learned that Vandal Savage will serve as the main antagonist of the first season. Here's our article detailing the plot of the new series.

Flash/Arrow Spin-Off

The CW Greenlights Arrow/The Flash Spin-Off Series!

We've been learning bits and pieces about the proposed Arrow/The Flash spin-off series for months now. We've been given small nuggets as to which characters we'll be seeing but the matter of the plot was left open ended...until now:

Franz Drameh Cast!

Franz Drameh Cast For Flash/Arrow Spin-Off

With the first and third seasons of both The Flash and Arrow, respectively, wrapping up, we should be getting more and more news about this spin-off series we'll be seeing during mid-season in 2016. Today the CW announced that Franz Drameh (Attack the Block and Edge of Tomorrow) has been cast as the character Jay Jackson.

Darvill as Rip Hunter!

More Arrow/Flash Spin-Off Casting News!

After news broke of the casting of Hawkgirl in the upcoming Arrow/The Flash Spin-Off series, we also found out that another new character had been cast as well. Doctor Who alum Arthur Darvill has been cast as Rip Hunter. Who is Rip Hunter? Well, he's a time traveler who's looking to get back to his original timeline. He's the character that was described as "The Traveler" when we heard previously about three new characters we hadn't yet seen on live action television.

Hawkgirl Cast!

Hawkgirl Cast In Arrow/Flash Spin-Off Series

With Arrow and The Flash beginning their runs to the season finale, we're starting to get news on casting for the spin-off series that CW has planned for next season. What do we know? We'll see Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), The Atom (Brandon Routh), and at least one half of Firestorm in the form of Doctor Martin Stein (Victor Garber). We also know that Caity Lotz will be returning in an unknown role. We also now know that the character Kendra Saunders aka Hawkgirl will be joining the super team! She'll be played by Ciara Renée, a Broadway star and recently made an appearance on Law & Order: SVU.

Arrow/Flash Spin-Off

Arrow/Flash Spin-Off Series!

Last month Deadline reported that The CW had ordered a new series that would spin-off from both Arrow and The Flash and would incorporate at least two main characters that spawned from each series. Brandon Routh, who was introduced during the current season of Arrow as Ray Palmer aka The Atom. Victor Garber who made his debut as Doctor Martin Stein otherwise known as half of Firestorm on The Flash (No word yet if the other half, Robbie Amell, would be starring as well). 

Capt Boomerang Cast

Captain Boomerang Cast...On 'Arrow!'

Well we were expecting to see the Rogues on 'Flash' eventually and one key member might be joining them soon...but first he'll be seen on 'Arrow.' Nick Tarabay (Star Trek Into Darkness, Spartacus) will portray Digger Harkness aka Captain Boomerang. He'll make his debut in the seventh episode of the season and then continue into the eighth episode which we know will be the crossover event episode with 'The Flash.'

Ra's al Ghul Casting

Matt Nable Cast as Ra's al Ghul On 'Arrow'

We finally have confirmation...sorry Liam Neeson, you'll not be needed this go round as Matt Nable has been cast to portray the leader of the League of Assassins, Ra's al Ghul. Stephen Amell tweeted the news before The CW confirmed it.

More S3 Casting News

'Arrow' Casting News

The casting news never seems to end with CW's 'Arrow.' It seems they've added another familiar DC character to guest star. Amy Gumenick (Supernatural) has been cast to play Carrie Cutter aka Cupid in episodes six and seven when 'Arrow' returns for season three. Cupid has a deadly obsession with Green Arrow in the comics, and it'll be fun to see that play out...maybe not so much for Ollie.

Katana Recast

'Arrow' Recasts Katana

It was announced a few weeks ago that Devon Aoki would be joining the cast of Arrow for Season 3 as a recurring character. It seems that due to scheduling conflicts, she'll have to leave the show. But fear not, Katana-fans, she's already been recast by someone familiar to the comic book universe. Rila Fukushima (The Wolverine) will be replacing Aoki as Tatsu Yamashiro aka Katana. While we have no confirmation yet, I think its safe to assume we'll be seeing Tatsu in Oliver's flashbacks, but I'm hoping we also get to see her in the present time as well...perhaps fighting alongside Canary, and a fiery red-head named Barbara?

Komodo Casting

'Arrow' Casts Villain Komodo

Looks like another evil archer will be visiting the streets of Starling City. Matt Ward (TRON: Legacy, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem) has been cast to play Simon Lacroix aka Komodo. Komodo was introduced in Green Arrow's New 52 run and it looks like he'll make his first appearance on Arrow during episode two and he won't necessarily be a one-shot villain.

Arrow Casts Wildcat

J.R. Ramirez Cast as Wildcat

It seems as though DC and Warner Bros are going all out this season on both The Flash and Arrow. Joining the already large cast of comic book characters will be Wildcat aka Ted Grant. He'll jump into the Arrow Universe in a large way, having a “a pivotal role in Laurel Lance’s arc this season.”

2nd Arrow S3 SDCC Trailer

Arrow Season 3 Extended Trailer

Last night during the WB Television Studios panel at SDCC, a brand new, extended trailer for Arrow's third season was screened. The biggest difference from the one that was shown earlier this week? Ra's al Ghul.