Kara Danvers

Supes Returning!

Superman Returns...for Supergirl Finale!

Coming off the heels of the announcement that Arrow will see two stars returning for the end of the season, Supergirl made news as well. Tyler Hoechlin opened the season by debuting as Earth-38's Superman, and he'll wrap up season two by appearing in the finale which airs on May 22nd! Kara's iconic cousin had previously served as a distant source of inspiration for her, but since he showed up for a couple episodes, he's let her face her challenges on her own. She's done well as the lone hero for National City (aside from Guardian stepping in from time to time...oh and Mon El) but it seems she'll need the Man of Steel's assistance in the season's final battle.

Supes Cast on Supergirl!

'Supergirl' Has Found Their Man of Steel!

Shortly after news broke that Supergirl had been renewed and then moved over to The CW we discovered that Superman would finally make an actual appearance on the show! During season one, Kara had run ins with her iconic younger yet older cousin but we never really got to meet the last Son of Krypton himself. She'd chat via instant message with Clark and he even saved her on one occasion but Supergirl had passed out as he had done so and she didn't get to interact with him in person at that point. During the finale event, Superman was under the thrall of Nod's master plan but we never got a chance to see his face. That all ends in season two of Supergirl! The CW has cast Tyler Hoechlin (Everybody Wants Some!, Road to Perdition, Hall Pass, Teen Wolf) to play Superman in at least two episodes, being introduced in the first episode of the new season.

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Kara gains a new ally when the Flash arrives from an alternate universe and helps her fight the Silver Banshee and Livewire in exchange for her helping him return home.

Flash/Supergirl Clips!

Clips Previewing The Flash and Supergirl Crossover!

On Monday the DCTV Universe begins it's expansion! The Flash will introduce himself to National City and meet Supergirl for the first time! To get prepared for this momentous occasion, check out these four clips previewing the huge episode!

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Kara helps Hank face his painful past when a White Martian, who wiped out all of the Green Martians from Mars, kidnaps Senator Miranda Crane who is an anti-alien politician. Adam Foster who is Cat's estranged son arrives in National City.

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Kara does her best to support Winn when he hears that his father Winslow Schott Sr. breaks out of prison. His father looks for Winn for a reason to become like him. Cat offers Lucy a job working at CatCo and Alex asks Hank to use his powers to find out and uncover Maxwell Lord's plans.

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Returning from it's winter hibernation (hiatus), Supergirl is back with a brand new episode entitled 'Blood Bonds.' Here's our review of the ninth episode of the season!