Lennie James

Review: TWD S6E11

Review: The Walking Dead - "Knots Untie" & "Not Tomorrow Yet"

After realizing that Alexandria may not be as safe as he originally thought, Rick must make decisions about where to go.

Review: TWD S6E10

Review: The Walking Dead - "The Next World"

During a supply run, Rick and Daryl cross paths with a new survivor that reveals a whole new world outside of Alexandria. Meanwhile, Carl recovers from his injury, as Spencer finds closure.

Review: TWD S6E9

Review: The Walking Dead - "No Way Out"

The Walking Dead is back and Jenny's here to recap all the zombie action!

Binge: Jericho S2

The Binge Watch: Jericho - Season Two

I watch a LOT of television. So much so, that even though there are hundreds of channels with dozens upon dozens of quality shows out there, I still find time to go back and binge watch some of my old favorites. Enter my Binge Watch column. Every two weeks I'll present to you my review of a new show, or new season of a show. I'll try to pick shows I haven't watched yet, or obscure shows you may not have seen yet. Sit back and binge some TV with me!

Binge: Jericho S1

The Binge Watch: Jericho - Season One

I watch a LOT of television. I often find myself picking up brand new shows when I’m already overloaded with other shows that I haven’t caught up on. As it stands right now, I have the entire last season of Falling Skies to get through before the new season begins. I only just NOW finished the second season of Hannibal, in anticipation for season three to begin. I’m way behind in Homeland, Penny Dreadful, Orphan Black, and a few others. Yet I find myself on Netflix searching for shows I’ve loved so that I can re-watch them. I just finished Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scrubs, and I’m on the final season of Lost. So when I decided to do this bi-weekly Binge Watch column, I wanted to pick a show that I hadn’t seen in some time. Jericho fit this bill nicely. I had only watched it the one time, while it was airing on CBS in its original, ill-fated run. The show barely lasted two seasons. It was canceled after its full first season, but due to a heavy fan based campaign involving a lot of peanuts being shipped to the network, it was renewed, only to be canceled again after just seven episodes. The series ran a total of twenty-nine episodes and spawned a continuing comic book series much in the way that Buffy has lived on in the panels of the Dark Horse Comics.