The 100

Review: The 100 S3E2

Review: The 100 - "Wanheda, Part 2"

J.D. recaps the latest episode of The 100!

Review: The 100 S3E1

Review: The 100 - "Wanheda: Part 1"

The 100 returned this week and J.D. is here to take us through the action!

Best TV of 2014

Best TV of 2014

We are totally living in the Golden Age of television. Now now, I know people will argue that, but seriously…we are. Coming up with the top 10 of 2014 seemed easy, but it wasn’t for me at all. There is so much great television that I am harassed daily because I haven’t watched a particular show. I have FX’s Tyrant on my DVR still awaiting a watch. CW’s The 100 is anxiously awaiting a play and the guys on this particular website are at me to get Arrow started. There is seriously not enough time in the day for all of the great T.VSo here I go. My top 10 of 2014 and a few honorable mentions…