Titans & YJ: Outsiders

Titans & Young Justice: Outsiders Will Debut In 2018!

The level of “squee” that came out of my mouth when I heard about a live action Teen Titans was probably over 100 on the decibel scale (See: Chainsaws and fireworks).

'Titans' Pilot

'Teen Titans' Pilot Deal In Works

Cable network TNT is working on a deal to produce a pilot based on the teenage super team, Teen Titans from DC that would be called 'Titans.' Akiva Goldsman (Fringe, A Beautiful Mind, I Am Legend) is writer/executive producer on the project with Warner Horizon Television producing. This would add the increasing large number of DC Comics television adaptations that are already in production. Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine will be airing soon, along with the rumored Supergirl pilot that's being shopped around.