SS 2017 Contest

Finn Bálor Funko Pop Challenge!

Are you a wrestling fan? Maybe you're just addicted to collecting the highly addictive line of Funko Pop figures. If you are, we've got the contest for you. It's quite simple and if you win, you get this...

And as a bonus you'll get a bag of Dorito's too! To win you need to fill out a Scorecard for WWE's SummerSlam event. If you can beat any of our final scores (we'll do our prediction show on August 18th) you'll win! Send us a picture/copy of your filled out PW Scorecard before the beginning of the Pre-Show for SummerSlam at 5PM EST / 4PM CST on August 20th.

Download your scorecard by visiting PW Scorecards on Twitter (@PWScorecards) or Facebook!. Send your copies of your completed scorecard to us on Facebook or Twitter (@RingsideGeeks). Listen to this week's episode to see what we picked with our Scorecards!