Chapter 162: In Which We Revisit "The Avengers"

The title says that we revisit "The Avengers" but that's really a small part of the episode. Justin also went to see a triple-feature of "Unbreakable", "Split" and "Glass". Matt finished the second season of "Big Mouth". The second (and, let's face it, last) season of "The Punisher" drops on Friday. Toy stuff! Comic stuff! Batgirl showing her bullet wound is sexual?

Chapter 160: In Which It's 2019 Now!

Well, it's our end of year/start of year special! We cover a lot of ground: the first trailer for "Us", "Aquaman" review, "Iron Man 2", "Black Mirror's" new special "Bandersnatch", Justin's new NES Classic, Matt is giving "Big Mouth" a whirl, other stuff that happened. It was an eventful couple weeks!

Chapter 156: In Which There's No Air in Space

Man, we're back in another slow period of the year, so this episode is kind of short. Matt watched the new Netflix Christmas movie "The Christmas Chronicles." Justin watched "Cam". Fathom Events is doing a special double feature of "Death of Superman" and "Reign of the Supermen" in January. Geeks gave Bill Maher exactly what he wanted instead of just ignoring him.

Chapter 145: In Which This Summer Just Isn't Eventful

Our heroes meander through what little has happened in geekdom lately, starting with the latest trailer for "Venom", then moving on to some things of a more business-y nature with the Disney/Fox merger and the cast of "Guardians of the Galaxy" openly backing James Gunn. Matt loves the idea of a movie or TV series based entirely on the day after "The Purge". Justin watched the latest "Godzilla" anime film on Netflix.

Chapter 144: In Which We Recap SDCC 2018

Oooooh man! San Diego Comic Con 2018 just ended and there's so much to talk about! Comics! Toys! Trailers! Oh my! On the docket: NECA's upcoming releases, "Three Jokers", "Star Wars: The Clones Wars", "Titans", "Young Justice", "Shazam", "Godzilla: King of the Monsters", "Aquaman" and so much more!