Episode 44

44 AGU: The Flash 101

Atomic Geekdom University is open and this time the class is all about the Scarlet Speedster, The Flash. For fans of the show who know very little about the comic book origins, we're here to hopefully educate you! Professors Dave, and Tom sit down with Flash experts Beau York and Matt Beall from the podcast Flash TV Talk to discuss all things Flash. As always, we wanna hear your opinions as well. Find us on Twitter: @AtomicGeekdom or comment on the podcast page of the website to join the conversation. Thanks for listening and please Rate/Review us on iTunes!

Find all of Beau and Beall's great work at the following locations:

The Brogues Web Comic
Flash TV Talk: @FlashTVTalk
Arrow TV Talk: @ArrowTVTalk
Panel To Screen: @PanelToScreen

Suggested Reading:

*Click the link to find the trade paperback at Amazon.com