Episode 99

99 Greg Weisman

This week on the podcast Dave and Matt (2 Broke Geeks) are joined, graciously by Greg Weisman. Greg is responsible for so many of our favorite animated series like Young Justice, Gargoyles, Star Wars Rebels, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and so many more. He talks to the guys about getting the Spectacular Spider-Man job, clearing the air about it's cancelation and Young Justice's cancelation as well as the best way to attempt to get Young Justice brought back from the dead. As always, we wanna hear your opinions as well. Find us on Twitter: @AtomicGeekdom or comment on the podcast page of the website to join the conversation. Thanks for listening and please Rate/Review us on iTunes!

You can find Greg on Twitter: @Greg_Weisman

Purchase his novels: Rain of the Ghosts &  Spirits of Ash and Foam

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