Dungeons & Dragons

Episode 227

227 Spider-Man: Far From Home & Stranger Things 3 Review

This week on the podcast we take a deep look at Spider-Man: Far From Home and the latest installment of the Stranger Things saga. Beware, there are SPOILERS for Spider-Man, Avengers: Endgame and every episode of Stranger Things released to date. We talk about our favorite moments, favorite 80’s songs, and the best characters from the newest season. We also say goodbye to a few beloved, and one not so beloved main characters. (The Spidey spoilers end around the 36 minute mark and the Stranger Things discussion begins when you hear the familiar Stranger Things theme music.)

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Episode 154

154 MacWolf Productions

This week on the show we sit down with the boys from MacWolf Productions to discuss their latest creation. It's called The Essentials Case and it's the perfect item for any who is a fan of Dungeons and Dragons or any RPG out there. Steve and Abe tell us about their company and their other products that they provide and information on the Essentials Case Kickstarter!

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