War for the Planet of the Apes

Episode 137

137 Movies of 2017 Preview Show!

In this episode we look ahead at all the movies that are coming out in 2017! We talk about which ones are the most anticipated and we discover movies we had no idea where even being made. Sequels, prequels, reboots, and remakes. We cover it all! As always, we wanna hear your opinions as well. Find us on Twitter: @AtomicGeekdom or comment on the podcast page of the website to join the conversation. Thanks for listening and please Rate/Review us on iTunes!

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Episode 126

126 The Return of Chad Rook!

Chad Rook is back to talk about his upcoming roles in the NBC series Timeless and the mega blockbuster War For The Planet of the Apes! We reminisce about this being his third time on the show and we absolutely talk about horror flicks! Chad also tells us what he has coming up in his busy schedule!

Geek Out #34

Geek Out #34: Tell Us How You Really Feel

Like the title says...this podcast is a little different than our usual shows. These #GeekOut episodes will be about essentially anything that comes to mind, won't have a set topic, and should give you a little insight into who the hosts really are! Enjoy as Danny, Dave, and Matt from 2 Broke Geeks talk about anything and everything that pops into their geeky minds!

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